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picture of Hyde


I  had the joy of adopting your dear sweet boy Hyde. His name is now Gandalf, and I will have a better update once he's settled in better, but since you all were so attached to him, I wanted to give an early reassurance that things are going really well for us.

Gandalf has mostly taken up residence under my bed, but every night he's been out to explore, eat, and use his litter boxes. He even popped into bed with me last night to check me out. I have been leaving him alone under my bed, except to give him a bed under there. Today though, he's emerged from under the bed in the daylight three times! He tends to give me a bit of a skeptical look each time, but he's getting braver every day. He has looked all over the apartment, climbing and sniffing. I'm sure we have a long way to go yet (I haven't tried to pet him yet - I want him to come to me), but rest assured, he's settling in well and I'm very sure this is his forever home.

Thank you so much for all you gave to him. I love him so much.

Gandalf's human, Jess.