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picture of Violet

---Hello! We wanted to take some time to send you a little update about our Delta (you will know her as Violet). We can’t believe 3 and a half months have already gone by since the day we brought her home! Delta is doing very well, and has adjusted and settled right in to her new home quickly! She is strong and healthy, and the vets are always commenting on how well behaved she is. She has had a busy summer: she has made new friends, gone on a couple canoe trips, and spent lots of afternoons chasing sticks and balls in the forest and river. She seems to have endless energy when it comes to playing, but at the end of the day always loves to join us on the couch for a cuddle. This pup is always up for an adventure, and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing her along on ours. We can’t thank the staff at LAWS enough, with a special shout-out to Brian, for bringing her into our family!