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picture of Ruby

"Ruby, the “unadoptable” senior cat was known by another name in her previous life. We renamed her Ruby because she is quite a gem. She was relinquished to the shelter with a history of urinary infections and her left eye had diseased due to infection.
I first noticed Ruby one day in the fall of 2016 while visiting kittens I had fostered for a short time. Ruby meowed at me when I asked about her eye, it was still to be decided whether to operate or not, so adopting was not in the immediate plan. Nor was I looking to adopt at the time, thinking fostering could fulfill my desire to nurture.
The second time I met up with Ruby was March 22, 2017, two weeks after surgery to remove her diseased eye. She saw me come into the cat condo area and immediately jumped down from her bed. She raised her right paw into the air and called me over, meowing and waving, trying to head butt the cage but her surgical cone made that difficult. I approached the cage and we greeted each other like long, lost friends. Ruby was asking me to take her home. The connection was surreal and immediate. We both knew it was destiny and there was no other option but for Ruby to adopt me. My partner Wally met Ruby the next day which made the decision unanimous. She came home with us on March 25.
A few weeks after coming home Ruby contracted another urinary infection which caused her discomfort and anxiety that resulted in an urgent visit to the Vet. With the support and expertise from Janet and other staff at LAWS and Champlain Animal Hospital we were able to overcome both issues. Ruby will have to be on a special diet for urinary health and the use of Feliway pheromones to help with her anxiety for the rest of her life however, the extra effort is so worth it.
Ruby brings love, joy and comfort to our lives. We know she gets that from us too. Every day we wake up to her gift of “prey” (a stuffed yellow bird) she hunted down in the night and left on the bedroom floor for us to find in the morning. No better expression of trust and loyalty can be found."

Submitted by Catherine Ducharme