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picture of Patches and Checkers

Those of you who have visited our shelter, follow us on FB and on our website, may have seen pics and write ups about our bonded pair Checkers and Patches. They actually entered our system 16 MONTHS ago, and have been waiting patiently for their furever home ever since. We initially wanted them to go together; they waited and then waited some more; so then we thought about letting them go separately.....and still they waited. Unfortunately, Patches and Checkers had become somewhat of a fixture in our Main adoption room.

Can you imagine our surprise, when Kristen and her mom, Julie, visited the shelter and were actually interested in adopting them!!!

We introduced them and allowed them to visit for awhile...while heading out for lunch to make a final decision, Kristen and her mom didn't even get out the driveway before they were back!! They were going to adopt!!! (Happy tears all around!!)

Here is their first update:

"Thank you so much for giving us our babies ???? they are adapting so well and checkers is all over everyone and he just loves his belly rubs. Patches is getting along so well with our other kitty. We are so thankful we got these two and they didn’t get separated